How to shop on Jumia Kenya

Jumia Kenya makes shopping easy. In many spaces, we can almost equate it to the “Amazon” of Kenya.

Jumia Kenya is an online marketplace in Kenya where you can shop for variety of products and have it delivered at your doorstep. Many people don’t know how to buy products on Jumia hence we decided to help you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can shop on Jumia and pay cash on delivery or through their online payment system.

Here’s how to shop on Jumia Kenya

Step 1 – Visit Jumia Kenya’s website either by searching on Google or via the clicking this link

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Step 2 – Search for the items you need to purchase in the categories section to the top left corner or simply type in the name of the item you are searching for in the search field as shown below.

Step 3 – Select by clicking the item that you. Review the item then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to add the item to the shopping cart. The ‘Buy Now’ button will be orange in colour.

Step 4 – You can now proceed to checkout, or you can continue shopping by searching and selecting more items until the shopping cart is filled with everything you need.

Step 5 – When done shopping, click on the shopping cart (its placed on the top right corner) to see the items you have purchased.

Step 6 – Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

Step 7 – After this, you will be prompted to login or sign up if you haven’t already. You can login or sign up using your Facebook account or email address.  If you are a new customer, you must create an account.

Step 8 – Enter your address. If you would like your billing address to be the same as your shipping address, ensure you input the exact point you are to pick up your items. You can either select your shipping address to be the same as the billing address or you can enter the new shipping address as the point where you would like to pick up your goods

Step 9 – Select ‘Deliver to Your Home or Office’ and click on ‘Save and Continue’

You can pay using different payment options as provided by Jumia Kenya. These include pay on delivery, mobile money and cash on Delivery. Select any of the options. Whichever the payment method you choose Jumia Kenya will deliver your products to your doorstep.

Shop on Jumia Kenya online

Use the above link to see Jumia Kenya products

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